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We specialise in roof restorations and have the skills and expertise to transform your tired old roof into a new roof again. 

Old tiled roofs can have leaks, cracked ridge capping cement, broken tiles and become faded and porous over the years. Our full restoration process will prevent all roof leaks and have your roof looking great again. 

  • We firstly identify all roof leaks on any valley or roof flashings. 

  • We replace all chipped and broken roof tiles.
  • We then clean out the gutters and down pipes before high pressure cleaning the roof. It is important that the roof is cleaned thoroughly if the roof coating is going to last. After high pressure water blasting the roof we go to all lengths to clean up all fences, driveways gutters and the yard.  
  • We then re-bed any ridge caps that have missing or badly damaged cement bedding.

  • We then repoint all ridge capping cement with an acrylic based compound. (Star point)
  • After all these steps have taken place its time to start painting the roof.

  • A first coat of sealer/ primer is used. Then a first coat and second finishing coat is applied. We only use the best quality Nutech roof paint. 

  • There is never any over spray on solar panels, skylights or nearby property, and the job is left tidy and clean.

  • A full 10 year warranty on the paint and workmanship is given.